November 8, 2013


St. Stephen's Parish Library

The SSP Library is the church library of the St. Stephen's Parish. Under the Christian Education Committee, the Library aims to provide easy access to available resources for the spiritual edification of the St. Stephen’s Parish members.

This site is for easy online viewing of our available resources. Use the tabs above to switch between categories. Press Ctrl+F to search. 

Library Hours
Sundays            10:00 am – 12:00 pm
M-W-Th-F-S      8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Who can borrow?
  • Baptized and confirmed members of St. Stephen’s Parish.
  • Not yet baptized, but affiliated with a fellowship or ministry at SSP, with an endorsement from any of their respective officers, advisers, or pastors.
  • St. Stephen’s High School faculty and staff, and 4th year high school students.
  • *Non-library card holders may read/use the resources inside the library but may not check-out any items.

Some Notes:
  • No property of the library may be marked or damaged in any way.
  • Do not fold the pages of a book or use paperclips as bookmarks, nor write or make any markings on the books.
  • Members may also ask the librarian their reference questions through phone call, e-mail or Facebook.
  • Members may borrow at most two (2) circulation books at a time.
  • Donation of books and other items to the SSP Library are much appreciated.
  • The library may be used as a venue for discussions and Bible studies upon request.

2nd Floor, H. J. Wei Bldg.
St. Stephen’s Parish
1267 G. Masangkay St., Sta. Cruz, Mla.
254-8464 • 254-8468